The Stickers.

The Costs?

Names on frames are a UK company. We are passionate about everything to do with cycling and bikes!

The decals are printed onto clear waterproof vinyl. Flag size is 10mm & the writing is 4mm high.

Your stickers will be printed onto external grade clear vinyl & then the sticker is cut ready to be applied.

The flags have a 0.5mm white border.

The decals are easy to apply. They consist of a backing strip, the decal itself and finally a transparent application tape which is on top of the decal.

Simply wipe clean your frame where you want to apply the decal, peel off the backing, and then whilst holding the application tape at each end, line up the decal where you want to apply it. Stick it on and then rub it over with your thumb, applying some pressure. Remove the application tape and that's it!

7.95 for 4 personalised bike frame Name Sticker / Decals with a Flag or Logo.

9.95 for 8 stickers

12.95 for 20 stickers

Postage & Packaging:

  • Free to the United Kingdom 2nd class
    mail in a "Do not bend" envelope.
  • 1.50 for Europe.

  • 2.00 for The Rest of the World.



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